Soulshare: Communing With Nature

For many people, nature is now enjoyed within the frame of a beautiful picture posted online. There are millions of pictures on social media, picture sharing sites and other online spaces of waterfalls, deserts, mountains and the like.

Few of us take the time to appreciate nature as we should, by actually going out and being in it. For those who don’t have the luxury of living within walking distance of a few trees, here are some ways you can make an excursion out of it.

Cast a Line

If you live in Northern Australia for instance, fishing Melville Island can be a great way to appreciate nature. The waters there are full of great fish, and if you don’t like getting down and dirty, all you have to do is book a trip on one of the many resorts available to tourists. Consider yourself a local tourist, and jump right in.

The best part about being a tourist in your own home (namely doing fishing tours Melville Island style) is that your eyes will be opened to things that you didn’t see before. Things that we take for granted such as the view or the awesome weather becomes a crucial part of our experience, and thus makes the whole excursion that much sweeter.

Strap on those Boots

No matter how urban your locale is, there will be some natural trail somewhere within an hour’s reach. Look it up online and get yourself ready. Be realistic about your fitness condition: just because you hit the gym everyday doesn’t necessarily mean you would be a fit hiker. Think about how much you want to walk and then find a hiking trail that matches it. Take a backpack, water, protective clothing and go take the walk. If your idea is to appreciate nature, don’t try to scale a mountain; go walk in a forest instead. That way you will get to breathe in the extra oxygen and absorb the good vibes of unspoiled nature.

Pitch a Tent

If you are a regular camper, then good for you. If you are not, then you might want to go to a pre-existing campsite, which will feature taps to get water and toilets. You can take your own food, dispose of garbage responsibly and at night, listen to the sounds of the forest. You can teach yourself how to make a campfire, how to pitch a tent and how to survive a night without electronics and WIFI because most campsites are out of range of mobile phones. If you have been camping before and want to try something more, then camp in a forest or on a mountain al naturale.